All prices excluding VAT

Each placed order will be served from the same menu. Each menu can be served as a vegetarian option. Use your regular order system.
Lunch is ordered prior to 12.00 the day before and is served 11.30 – 13.00.

Menu 1 – Smoothie, baguette with chicken, curry and lettuce (veg option; tofu instead of chicken), 1 piece of chocolate in paper 71.43:-

Menu 2 – Smoothie, bagel with hot smoked salmon, cream cheese, horseradish and cucumber, 1 piece of chocolate in paper 71.43:-

Menu 3 – Noodle salad with your choice of chicken or prawns with beansprouts, chili, spring onion, carrot and sesame 70.54:-

Menu 4 – Shrimp salad with mayo, egg, dill, lemon, bread and wheatberry 70.54:-

Menu 5 – Smoked salmon with potato salad, mustard vinaigrette, seasonal vegetables, lemon aioli, dill and lemon 155:-

Menu 6 – Caesar salad with lukewarm chicken, bacon, parmesan, croutons and caesar dressing 129.46:-

For the dishes served each week click here.

Dish of the day – Changes weekly 80.36:-

Green – Changes weekly 80.36:-

Salad – Changes weekly 70.54:-

Fruit salad – Fresh fruit salad with honey yoghurt and sunflower seeds. 33.93:-


All prices excluding VAT

All cakes must be ordered two days in advance and are available in the following sizes;

206.91 kr
10p 266.31 kr
12-14p 365.31 kr
16-18p 474.21 kr

The following cakes are available to order:

Queen cake • Raspberry cake • Blueberry cake • Pear cake • Orange cake • Passion fruit cake • Chocolate cake • Princess cake • Schwarzwald cake • Margaretha cake • Strawberry cake • Chocolate mousse cake • Blueberry mousse cake

For buffets and special events please contact our head chef for suggestions tailor made for your event.